Friday, January 14, 2011

Scrapbooking Suite

As a followup to my post yesterday about my crafting space...I want to point out one particular part of my scrapbooking artsy armoire.

It is the centerpiece of the space for me...that great shelving unit where I organize all of my tools keeps me sane.  I designed it and my dad did all of the work, as usual.  I love him.  I wanted something that had open shelves on top, so I could swivel over and my tools would be accessible.  I didn't want to have to unpack anything.  The idea of just having all of my stuff right there, out and ready, fills me with immense joy.  On the flip side, all of my little embellishments needed to be put away, out of site.  I needed serious storage space.  I had bags and bags of supplies all over the place.  When I wanted to start a project, I couldn't find what I was looking for.  So, I'd go out and buy more.

This post comes with the usual footnote:  You have to have a crafty woodworker around for this one...and if you don't, it might be worth hiring someone.  Again, I wanted at least three open shelves.  Make sure you have a small square cut-out on at least one level so you can drag through electrical cords and plug them in behind your unit.  Then, I added three drawers.  The top drawer is totally open.  That is useful for paper and larger items.  But, the bottom two drawers are cubed.  I love this.  I have been able to organize my embellishments in different categories.  I can put fabric in one cube, stamps in another, you can color-code, or store extra adhesives.  I highly recommend this.  The open drawer has become a kind of junk drawer, but my cubes always stay organized.  This is the best part of my scrapbooking suite.


  1. I love having a space devoted to all my crafting...Right now mine is not where I'd like it to be at, but it's getting there! Thanks for sharing your workspace :)

    xoxo Maria

  2. I love seeing other people's craft spaces! Mine is a small black table. . . nothing special. I hope to have a space like this one day! :D


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