Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crafty Cat's Corner

Not long ago, Crafty Girl showed you her craft space.  So, now is as good a time as any to show you mine too.

There is a big difference in our spaces.  She has a converted shed outside of her home, which allows her to escape to another place for her artsy moments.

I live in an apartment, so I've had to carve out room somehow in my small living space.  It is hard to escape the stare of a pile of clothes or dishes in the sink when they are so close.  You craft to get away from your worries.

On the flip side, the temperature is always cozy, my big screen television is right in front of me, and my bathroom is close.

There is a natural nook in my apartment that doesn't really seem to fit any purpose.  So, I gave it purpose.  Yes, that means people in my living room see my scrapbooking space.  Let's be craft space is ever tidy.  We may organize it once a year.  But, the first project sends it spiraling back to a messy pile of ribbon, paper, beads, and tools.  I don't like having my piles of embellishments on the edge of my living room.  But, that is the drawback of apartment living.

I keep my computer nearby, so printing is as easy as swiveling my chair around, but one of my favorite features is the white racks.  Crafty Girl introduced me to them long ago, and I bought four immediately.  They create instant space for storage and easy access for all my tools while I am completing a project.  I really just love them.  Sure, a nice enclosed, customized wooden cabinet or shelf would be swell.  But, for an apartment dweller, these are easy to assemble, light enough to move, and fun to fill up when you bring them home.


  1. I hear sayings now and then that I truly believe about crafters and extra tidy people.When you see a home that is immaculate, a place for everything, and everything in it's place,just look a little closer, and you will find a very bored and/or boring individual.Crafters are rarely ever bored. Their attention is usually on something they want to create, moreso than cleaning and organizing their supplies.I know there must be a happy medium somewhere, but I am still trying to find it myself. I'd say there are some neat,orderly,organized,crafters, but I would imagine, they are few and far between.

  2. Sawn, I feel like you tapped right into my stress about space, organization, and finding a happy medium. I just can't seem to do it all. Glad to know that is normal.

  3. I think this is a great compromise for apartment living.

  4. I love your craft corner! I love that your mom and dad helped to create it too!Very special

  5. I think it is great that you could get it all in a small space, I am envious. I live with some one else and they were here firts and I at least have a coupke of shelves but no where to set anything up unless it is in the niddle of a kitchenette floor. I try and go to the senior center once a week where they have a knitting and quilt day.


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