Thursday, January 6, 2011

Craft Shopping

This is a typical day for Crafty Girl and I inside of a craft store.  We've shared our delirium before on this blog.  But, we really just can't help ourselves when we find a brand new crafty place to shop.  We seek them out when we have trips out of town.  When we get to take those trips is ridiculous...bordering on embarrassing.  We forget any stress in our lives for this one hour.  Our mood changes in an instant.  We have smiles sewn on to our heads.  Immediately we get giddy, running through the aisles, looking for the clearance section, goofing around with fun things we find.  What must the other shoppers think?  How come we don't run into other people posing like this for their cameras?  Doesn't everyone feel this way in a new craft store?  Is it just us?  Send us your fun shopping tell us about your favorite stores in any part of the country and why that store is so great for crafty folk.  We can let readers know about these hotspots for their travels.

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