Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rug Hooking Circa The 70s

 Rug hooking is the process of pulling yarn through a stiff woven base such as burlap. The loops are pulled through the backing material using a latch hook mounted in a wooden handle for leverage. It was very popular during the 70's- especially in my house. These are actual rugs made by my Grandfather Joseph D. Coviello (1921-1979).

Poppie served in WW2 and was a handsome man the likes of Errol Flynn. By the time I knew him as his first born grandchild he was a loving old man who liked to do the Tennessee Waltz with me. He had a full head of  Italian hair and big streaks of grey (that I later learned he would pass down to me!). He putzed around the house gardening and the such. I don't know if it's just because I lived in his house or that it's fact- but I feel like I remember him working on these pieces of art. I somehow see him sitting with all the pieces of fabric strewn across a table and the hook going in and out of the rug. He titled the above picture Sunrise. I'm not exactly sure why but I enjoy the geometric shapes of it. 
 The picture directly above is called the Three Musicians. It's a copy of a Picasso by the same name. I can't believe how detailed and determined he was to get every aspect of the painting in a rug. It must have taken him hours.
 I feel like this is a dying art. I did a google search to learn more about it. I learned there's a Rug Hooking Magazine. I also found some supplies can still be purchased in your larger craft retailers. When it comes to creating these pieces of art, though, I don't see any new techniques or designs- mostly 70's style designs, kitty cats and rainbows that you can make-which are pretty cool too. For me these are beautiful pieces of art. Obviously, they do come with a history- and that's why I love them and now display them with pride. What art projects do you remember from your childhood? Did your Poppie do rug hooking too? I'd love to hear your childhood crafting memory.


  1. Lots of beautiful works. I never really took to rug hooking. A very long time ago,my Mom tried it, and hooked each of us 9 children,a small something. Mine was a pillow. I still have mine,after 25 or so years.

  2. You know I LOVE crafts with a story. I must say your poppie is a dashing man!!!


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