Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Organize It!: Closet Makeover

The above picture is part of the final--- final makeover of my closet! I'm so excited to tell you about it! Yes, I'm a little goofy. I do love to even make my clothes color coded and pretty!

We'll start out with the ugly- because the pretty is oh so worth the wait.  FACT: I have a lot-- I mean A LOT of clothes. But- can you believe- I pared it down from 3 closets to 1 1/2? Yep. I decided to stop collecting clothes from all sizes in the summer of 2009 when I had a very successful garage sale. At that time, I got rid of my "big" clothes. I had not liked how I felt at that size and I resolved myself to not return to it and the only way I was going to ensure that was to purge the clothes of that size. You see, I'm-- uh, frugal and I wasn't going to spend all that money again! LOL That's when my closet went from the above mess to the picture below. I felt so good at the time that at least my closet was clean and organized.


But I admit- I've never loved my closet because- even with that purge and putting my nice dresses in another closet- it was too small and cramped. Fast forward to 2 weekends ago-- I decided to purge 50 more things from my closet. This time as I pulled each item out of the closet- the desire for a complete reorganization took hold of me. The next thing I know- I had every stitch of clothing and shoes located in three rooms! It looked like a scene out of Twister. I'll spare you a picture of the debris field- suffice it to say I've already given you one embarrassing photo!

Next thing you know- I have a hammer in my hand and I'm removing the bar and the wood holding up the bar! There was no turning back- I was getting a new closet!
I was feeling empowered and grunting my inner handyman grunts- when Chef Donavan showed up and looked at me with pity- and stripped the hammer from my hand. In that moment I went from construction worker to designer and supervisor.

As much as I was enjoying the whole demolition- I was not disillusioned one bit- I knew he could get it done in a fraction of the time it was going to take me! Next thing you know- he had the shelves up! Although I still have many clothes- the re-org was a huge success. I feel like the closet is bigger- even if it isn't. Pictures don't do it justice- so here's a video tour!

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  1. It looks really great! You did a wonderful job

  2. It looks even better in person. I was inspired to go home and organize a couple of my closets. I have one more to go. I filled three bags up to get rid off. I haven't color-coded yet...but the jackets are in one space, the undershirts in another, skirts are together, pants too. It does make you feel better. Now, I just need pass along my bags of clothes sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor.


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