Monday, January 17, 2011

Sticker Stampede

No this isn't a store, this is just my collection of stickers.  There are more on the other side of this display.

Don't act like you don't own just as many embellishments.  It's just easier to live in denial about our out-of-control craft addictions when everything is packed away.  But, I want my stuff open, visible, and easy to grab.

I've found solutions for all sorts of crafting needs over the years.  Now I create my own embellishments.  But, for a long time, I was sticker crazy.  I had piles and bags and boxes everywhere.  I had stickers for birthdays, sports, vacations, and hobbies.  I had hundreds of stickers.

My biggest frustration was wasting the little bit of crafting time I get to search and search for a specific sticker I seemed to remember buying six months ago.  Half the time I couldn't even find what I wanted...until it randomly appeared six months later.

Here's how I conquered that problem.  Next time you see a store liquidation...EVERYTHING MUST GO....price the display units.  They are worth every penny.  While you are sorting through all the sale products they have marked down on clearance, look at the display those products are propped up on.  I got this from a clothing store, where it was used to display jewelry.  I put all of my baby girl stickers on one hook, all of my travel stickers on another.  All of my holiday stickers have their own hook, as do all of my gardening stickers.  Now, when I work on a layout for my niece's latest report card, I go right to the school hook.  I spend 80% less time searching and that much more time creating.


  1. This is some serious scrap booking storage.

  2. I'm cracking up that you have a planogram in your house!1 xo

  3. THIS IS WHY I WENT DIGITAL!!! But great job on the organization!!

  4. Believe it Mod Podge Amy, believe it!


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