Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Boxes

You know the old saying...get a child a nice, big, expensive present in an oversized box...and they'll play with the box more than what came inside.

 Next time you see your little ones having a blast with box play, get out your trusty camera and snap away.  You can make a splendid layout for your scrapbook.

My niece kept peaking through the opening and it gave me an idea.  I envisioned a page where you could actually open a box and see her face peaking through.

I bought some paper at the craft store that was designed specifically to look like a cardboard box.

I used one piece as the background and one piece to make two sides of my "box".  I reinforced the paper with a matching tan/brown card stock so it stays firm as you fold and unfold it.

Attach the back of the box to the background and score each side so they fold easily.  The right and left flaps can be smaller than the top and bottom so they fit together when folded.

I put the peek-a-boo picture right in the center, so it is the first thing you see inside.

You can add pictures inside each flap as well.  Fold it closed when done and embellish the page with whatever you like.  You will have a unique, interactive scrapbook layout and you won't be able to stop playing with that box, just like the kids.

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