Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm A Proud Mama

My son's artwork was selected to be a part of  a special exhibition at Siena College in Loudonville NY. He participated in an enrichment program at his elementary school in which they were encouraged to create a piece of art that answers the question "What would Martin Luther King do to heal the earth?"

His answer was work together in harmony. So sweet.

Tonight was the reception and my first chance to see his artwork. I loved it.

I am such a proud mama. I love my children's artwork and truly try to help them develop their talents. He has also had his artwork on display in an area library and he has written 3 books. Pretty accomplished little boy for the ripe old age of 8.


  1. Congradulations Joseph - you did excellent and we are very proud of you!!!

  2. Crafty Girl- The artwork is amazing. Talent is not falling far from the tree. Congrats to him!


  3. Wonderful great job. Joseph you did a great job. Keep it up, I love art, it tells much about our inner self.


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