Saturday, October 2, 2010

6 Simple Goals To Achieve B4 2011

We all have a few small goals we would like to achieve but life gets in the way. Why not set 6 simple goals to achieve b4 2011. Here's my list. I was inspired to create this page during my lunch break at work one day. Don't make it a big goal like lose 20 lbs. Instead say you want to eat at least one healthy meal a day-- or a week--- whatever works best for you! Why 6? Because it's not 5 and it's not 7! He he!

As I revisit my list I recently came up with I see I am doing great on some-- and need to refocus on others!

Write it down. Make it pretty so you will want to look at it every day and watch it happen!

Come on! Join me! Put your goals out to the universe and see how you make them happen. Write your goals in comments or even more exciting- post your pretty goals page in our Flicker group!


  1. I did a list...I had more fun making the page than making the commitment!! LOL.

  2. I looks much nicer when you decorate your list, I love the idea. I am off to make a new prettier list.


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