Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dollar Store Costumes

A Gift For You!
Cost $3

I bought three items: a beautiful purple gift bag, purple ribbon and a package of multi colored tissue.

Cut the hole out of the bottom of the bag. Staple ribbon from the front side of the bag to the back side of the bag over each shoulder. Staple tissue paper to the front of the bag. Use some of the purple ribbon to make a bow for her hair and then staple some tissue paper to the ribbon!

Puppy Love!
Cost $4

I bought 4 items: 4 hand micro fiber dusters!

All the rest of the items were found on a scavenger hunt around my house. I attached the two skinny dusters to a headband, dressed our model in a brown turtle neck and handmade scarf from my talented aunt. The finishing touch was a little makeup to provide the nose and the whiskers!

 Pop Corn Anyone?

Cost $5

I bought 4 items: an apron, a bag of 10 individual popcorn bags (but only used 4), two packages of white jar openers and a pair of sunglasses!

Cutting up the bags and placing them on an angle really made this costume reflect the fun that comes along with eating popcorn. Once again I just stapled away, securing the bag to the apron. Then I cut the jar openers in half and stapled those on as well, bunching them up at random to make each look unique! I used the extra parts of the bag to make the head band around her head. This was the only part of the creation where I had to use tape to secure it. I cut out the "fresh" in one of the bags and i taped them on to her glasses!

These unique costumes were so fun to make!

Note: these are handmade ideas that have not gone through the standard of safety testing that store bought costumes have- so be safe.


  1. Such fun ideas , and the models are so cute they sure know how to make the shot look like so much fun makes me want to go to the days of trick or treat and dress up and have some fun . Love Nana PS Big Nana used to dress up when she took us out trick or treating and she would always have so much fun with us kids she really got into her character what ever it was . And I love doing the same I guess we just love having fun she would be so proud of her great grands as I am keep on a fun look at life and enjoying the moment. Have fun and always make room for laughter Love Your Nana

  2. Honestly...these are great. I can see you had some fun coming up with these ideas. It is so creative.

  3. These are very, very creative. My favorite is the gift.

  4. These are SO adorable! I love the gift costume, I'd never have thought of that!

  5. Thank u! I just said she's as cute as a present so lets wrap her up! Lol


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