Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inside The Present

Remember last week I offered you some wrapping paper alternatives? Well, I told you there was a very yummy treat in one of those presents! Here it is! A chocolate chip cookie brownie!! My girlfriend made them for us one time and I was hooked. They're actually supposed to look like light brown cookies throughout the brownies but I was too impatient when I made mine and used hot melted butter and it melted all the chocolate chips into the cookie dough! LOL-- To make these yourself grab a box of brownie mix, bag of cookie mix and 1/2 extra bag of chocolate chips. Put the brownie mix in the bottom of your pan. Drop pieces of cookie dough with the extra chips all around on top of the brownies and bake for 45 minutes on 375!!

Too simple-- yet SOOOO delicious!!
P.S.-My little baby was so excited to get her hands on that cookie brownie!

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