Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Arrangement

Crafty Lady here! I'm so excited to be a part of bringing you crafty and affordable projects! I bought all items on sale and used some stuff I had at home. Total cost was $15.00 - you can add or omit what you choose - just have fun and be creative.
·         One hay sack
·         Two Scarecrows
·         One large flower
·         One pumpkin
·         One Styrofoam piece 3 inches in diameter - cover with moss
·         Two bundles of silk flowers
·         One dry flower bundle
·         Three small apples
·         Three small pumpkins
·         Garland string of fall leaves
·         ribbon with wire edges
·         pine cones and acorns
·         small piece of fabric
·         flower wire
·         floral tape
·         floral picks
·         newspaper
·         garbage bag
·         glue gun
·         glue sticks
·         cutting pliers
·         hot plate for glue gun
Fasten fabric down across half of the haystack with point draped over the edge. Using flower picks fasten fall leaves into haystack. Wire any flowers that need more stability and tape around the stem and put directly into the stack. Add large flower and leave room behind the head of the flower for foam. Glue the foam in place and the glue the pumpkin on to the top of the foam and add all small leaves, apples, pine cones and acorns. Wire a bow and wallllaaaah! - You have a beautiful arrangement. Add scarecrow if you like.


  1. Welcome aboard. Looks like you had fun with your first entry. That's the point. Very cute.

  2. Beautiful arrangement. Will look great on table or sidebar. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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