Thursday, October 28, 2010

How To Make A Bow

·         ribbon with wire edges
·         floral/fine weight wire
Hold your ribbon between thumb and index finger 6" from end of the ribbon. Keep right side of ribbon facing up and loop open side. Then twist the ribbon until right side is facing up. Twist same size loop on the other side and pinch together between thumb and index finger.
Repeat steps each time making loops smaller in size. Insert wire through the center of smallest loop. Fold wire in half over area or ribbon you are pinching. Then twist tightly - fluff out ribbon and be sure right side is facing out. Hook wire into smallest loop and pulled down. Fold in half and twist while holding with thumb and index finger then twist tightly, fluff and a beautiful bow you have made. You can also use the bow on gifts by using the same method of bow wrapping.

Hope you enjoy making them! All the best- Crafty Lady!


  1. That looks gorgeous. Thanks for your commiserations on my computer, much appreciated. Must have been awful losing all that writing. Must still be in your head, maybe if you start writing it will all come flowing out. Hope it does. Thanks again. Linda

  2. Doesn't everything just look better with a nice big bow?


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