Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bring the Outdoors In

You normally think of shingles as an exterior for a house.  But, they can add an interesting texture inside your home too.  These cedar shingles appear throughout a renovated home I visited recently.  They don't line the walls of large rooms.  That could be overwhelming.  Rather, they are accents that appear in nooks and small extensions of rooms.  This homeowner loves to sit in this nook for phone conversations.  It is a small piece of the outdoors that she could bring inside...and it looks great.  There are also hints of shingles in smaller areas throughout the house, tying the theme together.  Walls can be more than paint or wallpaper.  Break out of the box.  With cedar shingles, this room is interesting, layered, and reflects the au naturale style of the owner 100%.

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