Friday, October 15, 2010

Journal with Love

Who says a journal is only meant for ink?  Yeah, sometimes you just need to get it all out quickly.  But, it may be better to spend a little time with your journal entry...really reflect on your mood, consider what you want to write, and try to reveal it with more than words. 

Don't let the lines on your paper keep you contained.  Next time you start a new journal consider getting a large art book, grab some crafts, and create your background.  You'll get a lot of ideas for journal entries from Crafty Girl, who even makes her own books.  But, I want to share one of my favorite things.  I love chalk ink.  I really do.  I love it.  It glides on smooth and is kind to people who don't draw professionally.  It comes in the form of a marker.  These are fairly expensive, but so fun to use.  I drew FREEHAND because it doesn't have to be perfect in your journal.  Let go.  Whatever you prefer, next time you journal....try to put down your pen and express yourself with a drawing and 3-dimensional embellishments.  I used flowers in this spread.  This post is to give you ideas...the challenge is to get you to gather your own flowers and make your own version.  THEN, use the free space to write like you normally would in a journal.  See what the experience brings out of you.


  1. I love this spread. I don't have chalk markers! I need them now!! It's beautiful-- you make me want to run to my art journal right now and create!!


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