Thursday, October 7, 2010

Artist Spotlight: The Clock Keeper

Deanna Pawlenko Hubbard comes from a family in which music and art were part of the fabric of life.  Her dad, Andy Pawlenko, became a well known singer in Central New York, celebrated for his bluegrass tunes.  Part of Deanna's business website is dedicated to his memory and fighting the disease that claimed Andy's life.  But, it was Deanna's mother who inspired the crafty side of her we are shining the spotlight on today.

Q: The story about the first ClipClock you made is so sweet and shows how you can be inspired, even by accidents.  Tell our readers the story.

In 2004 my Mother passed away. As I was going through her jewelry and making various piles to give to family and friends who supported me as I cared for her, I decided to make a new pile for any broken pieces I found.  I tossed a broken brooch and a broken necklace watch to one side of me.  They ended up landing with the clock inside the back of the brooch.  I stopped what I was doing and pulled out all my instruments of "construction", soldering iron, glue, pins, wire, and so on, then created the first "ClipClock".  I truly believe that my Mother helped those two pieces land together so I would have something to help me through her passing.  So now with every sale I see my Mother smiling at me.

What made you decide to actually make a business out of this idea?

I have been a part of the Sterling Renaissance Faire since 1992.  You are not allowed to wear a watch because they weren't invented yet, it would not be anachronistically correct for the time period.  When I made the first clock my intent was to FINALLY be able to see what time it was to get on stage on time without trying to pull out my wrist watch from my pouch.  Throughout the day as I would check it, other performers would come up and ask me, "What the heck are you looking at?".  By the end of the day, I had 15 orders and no idea how to repeat what I had made!  I then came up with the name ClipClock and off I went into the business world.

You started with basic pins and have you grown and evolved since the first creation?

I had never really soldered metal before, so the backs of my first clocks look terrible but they stay together!  I have found a Company that has, what I lovingly call,  "Rennie-proofed" my ClipClocks.  Meaning they have shown me that they can solder even BETTER than my current company and I am very excited to have just ordered new soldered pieces from them for the coming year.  Most recently I came up with 5 designs for Medical Professionals.  Since they wash their hands hundreds of times a day, I know that a ClipClock will be a great choice for them! Five vendors now carry my product as part of their own small businesses.  I also was able to secure a Trademark name for my product.  Clock Keeper™  is the same great product with a new great name!

How have you successfully gotten the word out about yourself?

My biggest promoters are the performers and "Family of Faire" Folk from the Sterling Renaissance Faire.  They are my testers AND my best advertisers. Many travel all over the country to different Festivals and show off their timepieces.  I was approached by the Renaissance Magazine, Pyratesway Magazine and other Reenactor publications to advertise.  I now advertise on Facebook and in programs at Faires across the Country.  But my BEST advertising is from satisfied customers.  Everyone that falls in love with their ClipClock shares their excitement.

How can people find your crafts and order?  is the best place for individual sales.   If you don't see anything there, I can turn any piece of jewelry into a ClipClock. Your Grandmother's, Mom's, Aunt's or a favorite gift from a friend can have a new life.  Just mail it to me and I'll come up with some designs, photograph them, email them to you and you pick which style you want! I then work my magic. is the best place for Retailers looking to have them as part of their Store offerings.  Many designs to choose from. Mix and match from pages of Contemporary, Whimsical, Piratical, Victorian, Rhinestone or Medical Clock Keepers ™.

Plus, the ClipClock Fan Page on Facebook,, always announces new Designs, Shows and Vendors!

Our thanks to Deanne for sharing her inspiration and one of her creations!!  Yes, we have another giveaway!!  Yeah!  Now, here is your chance to win a ClipClock by our featured artist.  Deanne has offered this lovely fairy brooch for one of our readers.  To become eligible for our giveaway, comment below AND make sure you are a follower of this blog or "like" us on the facebook page and comment there.  You double your chances if you follow us and comment on both outlets.  You have until noon EST next Wednesday, October 13th to qualify.  We will announce a winner the next day.  We're looking forward to your comments.  Good luck and scroll down for a big announcement about our last giveaway.....


  1. Awesome Idea..... Very clever!!!!

  2. Very mod, young people would love it. Professionals will love the idea not to get watch wet while washing hands.

  3. Deanne...I love your clocks. I'll have to contact you about making one out of Great Grandma Fowler's brooch, Sherry

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