Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trick Or Treat!

We're welcoming Halloween early to Crafty Life and Style. This week we will offer you affordable ways to make this a Halloween to remember! Today it's a two-for! A hand made trick or treat bag and zombie costume!
Let's start with the bag!

-gift bag (recycled or from the dollar store)
-Halloween themed paper from your scrap bin
-pre-cut letters
-black acrylic paint
-foam cut outs (Halloween themed from the dollar store)
-double sided tape

Really, you can pretty much go crazy and even give the supplies to your children and have them customize their own bag to their liking. there's no way to go wrong. For me, I thought I would staple the ribbon on to the bag. I liked the look of it and it was the easiest and fastest way to get it to stay attached to the bag. I then glued the letters right on to the ribbon and then glittered them up.

I had this great piece of Halloween themed paper from a previous layout so that went in the middle. To help my "OR" pop out of the page I seized the opportunity to finger paint a black patch and then down went the letters and foam cut outs to finish it off. It was such an easy and fun project.

Then the zombie costume. This was lots of fun. Second hand stores offer a treasure trove of clothing that you won't feel bad about cutting up. The pants, vest and shirt cost no more than $8! I grabbed the scissors and began cutting random holes. Feel free to shred, chop or do whatever you feel you need to make your clothes look worn. Then pull out your red, white, brown and grey acrylic paint. Blotch the paint on the fabric, saturating it and making sure your colors stick out. Layer different colors on top of each other. We painted this while it was still on our zombie boy. It resulted in the need to be washed up but the fun we had doing it was worth it in the end.

Then for the makeup- you can use either baby powder and lipstick like we did or makeup from the costume store.  This is a one of a kind zombie that all the friends will be sure to be spooked by!!


  1. Great ideas. I love the costume.

  2. Love the decorations and awesome costume and great ideas makes one want to get dress but when and where's the party can't wait going to run and find out what I am going to dress up as let's see ????? Booo I guess you'll have to wait and see .Till then have a spooky time Crafty Lady A K


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