Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Treasure Hunt At The World's Largest Garage Sale

This past weekend I attended the “World’s Largest Garage Sale” in Warrensburg New York. It happens each year on the first weekend in October and I would say pack up the car and take a road trip- it is a sight to see! The community is usually comprised of a small population of about 3 to 4 thousand people, depending on who you ask.  But, on this weekend it swells to nearly 100-thousand people looking for a bargain. I am no exception! This Crafty Girl and her daughter both love a good deal! So we were on a mission.

We were looking from a crafting, antique, and good deal perspective- because well, we knew you would want to know what’s out there! If you can be patient to deal with all the businesses who are trying to sell their wares in the garage sale you will find some great handmade gems and also some true garage sales. I suggest you don’t try to do this in one day if you truly want to find a “deal”. You will want to go to all the side streets and it’s virtually impossible to get around town quickly with all those people. Even so, if you have just one day go and take in the sights. You might find something you like and if you don‘t it‘s still a ton of fun!

Here are some of the sights!




  1. Wowser, I wish we could have a "garage sale" like that one near me! Love the buttons!!!

  2. How cool! We have a pretty big one down here in GA every summer...Dixie Highway 90-Mile Yard Sale.


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