Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shutterbug Sunday

It's okay to be different
"it's okay to be different" - photo and haiku by tammy lee bradley

it is on the beach
that i found myself today
among the seashells


Looking for an interesting photo? Try getting down on the ground for a whole new perspective of the world around you.  I used to be nervous to do this, especially in public, but then I realized that the wonderful results far outweigh any embarassment.  Now, only my kids and husband are embarrassed.   You may want to wear something that you do not mind getting dirty.

I have created a linky list below, share with us your own "DOWN LOW" shots.
Have a great week! Stay sweet. ♥ tlb


  1. this and the two entries downloaded to Flickr.

  2. This is one of my favorite ways to shoot! The perspective is so much fun! I also had to get over my neighbors thinking I am weird, they just shake their heads and smile. My kids on the other hand think it is great fun, and like to come jump on my back!

  3. My poor creaky knees - but I need to give this a go. The good news for me? No kids to embarrass.

  4. What a great new blog. I'll plan to link up in the morning (I don't want to link to a post from yesterday in an effort to draw more traffic this way). I've been getting down low a lot lately. Something about catching the sun in my shots is really exciting by looking up from the ground.

  5. Very cool shot, I love this angle and use it a lot. Probably because I'm always down on the ground with my kids :)
    Found you through Ramblings and Photos and am now following; hopefully I can link up with a photo too.


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