Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Popsicle Stick Spooks

-Acrylic Paint
-Paint Brush
-Black Marker
-Felt: black, white, brown
-Orange yarn
-Wiggly eyes
-Tiny red pom poms
-Popsicle sticks


This is a fun project to do with the kids and remember there's no real wrong way to do this one! I first started out painting my popsicle sticks the colors for each of the characters. Then it was time to cut the felt. For each character I cut an oval piece of felt, folded it in half and at the fold cut a hole big enough for the popsicle stick to poke through. For the bat you will have to cut an extra piece of felt to make the bat wings. This extra piece of felt will be adhered with a little bit of hot glue underneath the little poncho that the oval piece of felt makes over the stick. For the witch you will need to make her a hat and glue on her head. Be creative in the shape you cut- there really isn't a rule in this project!

Pull out the scissors and don't forget to square off Frankenstein's head. He also has 2 pipe cleaners wrapped around his body to make his arms and legs. All you have to do is cross them around him and then bend them to make him look like he's having fun!

Pull out your paint and give your Popsicle Stick Spooks expressions! Once the paint dries you can hot glue on the little wiggly eyes and pom pom noses! The finishing touch is the orange bow either tied around the neck or tied separately and glued on to the outfit! Don't forget to adhere the magnet on the back of your creation and you are done!!

The kids will really love doing this project and so will you! Enjoy~ Crafty Lady.

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