Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anchor Man Halloween Costume

 Everybody wants to be on TV! I only had a day to make it from scratch and I think it came out great! I used foam board and duct tape and made him a full fledged news set! You cut the square out and use the remains for the rest of the construction of the desk, script and microphone flag.all the different colors are achieved through duct tape and the microphone ball is a Christmas ornament!

You strap it on with a homemade wire harness that is criscrossed to meet in the middle of the back (which took a little trial and error to make it comfortable).  Put on your best outfit and dad's tie and away you go! As soon as your child puts it on he will begin to give the news. "This is your anchor man and it's cloudy with a chance of meatballs!" Teach him to say "You stay classy"! It's truly going to be a one of a kind costume.


  1. Oh my God! I love the news anchor get up! Haha. Very good!

  2. HAHA Adorable...except I have a hole in your theroy...I DON'T want to be on TV :)


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