Friday, October 29, 2010

Frame Fix

My 8 year old son says "A mistake is a good thing!" when it comes to art. I love him so much for telling me that. It's true- you don't need to be "perfect" in your art- in fact allowing yourself to be more organic and a little flawed frees you from the search for the impossible.

I acquired several antique picture frames at a garage sale this summer and this one was "flawed" and almost headed to the dump. Instead I pulled out the tacky glue and decided to glue it back together. With a crack like this one it's very hard to exactly match up the fracture lines, but I kept my son's advice in mind. This mistake was a good thing! I did my best to help the glue fuse together and allowed the final product to show its little imperfection.

There are paints you can match up and you can disguise the crack even further- but for me I love it just the way it is. Remember- "A mistake is a good thing!"

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