Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Creating Our New Header

This is the position my family is becoming accustomed to seeing me in as I look for crafty creative ways to take pictures. Our Shutterbug Sunday Photography Expert Tammy Lee Bradley said don't be afraid to go down low- and I take her advice to heart! As I was looking for creative ways to convey fall craftiness all I could think about was wood, fall colors and warmness. Crafty Cat and I want our blog header to offer you a warm welcome and it's our intention to provide you with a comforting place to visit and see beautiful creations everyday!  So, with that goal in mind I went to my supplies and filled a basket with all kinds of things that fit the definition.

Then it was time to find a location! It was too chilly to lay on my belly out on my deck so it was off to my living room floor. I rearranged my crafting items 20 times. I played with my lighting a dozen times. I shot from above, to the side, straight on- whatever I could to come up with a pretty shot.

Because my favorite crafts are scrapbooking and art journaling- photography is a big part of my world. I love it. I love taking pictures of my loved ones. I love capturing moments. I also really loved creating our blog header. I added many of our favorite items we like to use when creating our crafts. Crafty Cat and I are not afraid to take risks in our crafting- so the list of items we like is long! I even used a little symbolism- 7 is my lucky number.

Crafty Cat and I are really working hard to make this a fun place for you to come and check out our crafts, learn some tips and yet also know- you don't have to break the bank to create beautiful pieces of art. In fact- I spent $0- creating our header. I had all the items already in my craft area, the location was free (well, ok, we do have a mortgage-but you get it), even the editing system I used (Picasa) is free.

Today's crafty tip is simple. Craft with intention. Take time to think about your crafts and what they mean to you and others. If you're taking a picture think about the composition of that picture and you will capture memories of a lifetime. If you're making a crafty gift for a friend- spend extra time thinking about what your friend means to you and how you can make it special for them. Our goal is to do that for you everyday with each craft we make. We hope you like what we're doing. We want you to know- we truly appreciate you visiting our site. We also get giddy and excited when you leave us a comment. Thank you for all your support.


  1. Great job. It's a keeper. Love the brad that says "Look at me". LOL.

  2. It reminds me of the kids- they're always screaming "MOMMY!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!" I smile everytime I see it. It's also about the color of your eyes!LOL-- and I love the color of your eyes!!!-- symbloism-- it's everywhere


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