Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Party For The Kids

Halloween is so magical for the kids, so why not throw them a fun party? You can have them make their own construction paper placemats. Give them the stickers and markers and help them personalize their placemat. Give them some coloring books and plan a fun snack for them.

I had fun making a centerpiece for this party! It really impressed my little guests and it was rather simple to construct!


-1 small piece of felt
-1 foam cone
-1 foam ball
-4 white pipe cleaners
-2 wiggly eyes
-1 tooth pick
-tacky glue

-mod podge or fabric stiffener
-1 piece of cardboard cut into a circle. That will be your base and you cover it with paper towels.
-black shiny ribbon
-spiders and web to decorate with
-one milk carton bottom
Adhere the round cardboard cut out on top of the milk carton base. Then adhere cone to the cardboard circle. Insert 1/2 of the toothpick into the tip of the cone, put a little glue around the top area and then push the ball down on top of the toothpick. Allow that to dry. Twist the pipe cleaners together and then wrap around the top of the cone.
In a separate bowl dunk your gauze into enough Mod Podge to make it wet. Fold the gauze in 1/2 and then drape over your foam creation. Allow it to dry and then decorate with your web and spiders!! Too cute! Have fun~ Crafty Lady.


  1. Cute idea better than having children from going to strangers for treats. This should be the norm home parties are safer.


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