Sunday, December 26, 2010

Canon Christmas

It was one year ago this weekend that my life changed.  I was given a 15mp Canon Rebel.  I was giddy with excitement from day one...running around the house, the yard, and the neighborhood shooting closeups of anything...closer than any traditional camera had every allowed me to get.  A new world opened up to me.  On what is our traditional Shutterbug Sunday...I'm sharing with you some of the first pictures I my dog...with a shutter so speedy I captured her mid-lick...
Or the outdoor lights I shot without my camera going into a focusing coma....
Or the series of shots I took of my niece's new kitty exploring a Christmas tree for the first time....taking pictures has never been so fun as the first time I used my brand new REAL camera.  Happy Holidays.

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  1. Love your pictures of the cat! My whole blog and life changed when my husband bought me my Canon Rebel T1i too. A good camera is a must nowadays. I take it everywhere.


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