Monday, December 13, 2010

Hanging Jewelry Cabinet

Each day, just before I leave for work, I open the door to my homemade jewelry heaven.

Apartment living requires the creative use of space.  My over-the-top love of jewelry takes up a lot of space.  Using my towel rack in the bathroom saved room for awhile.

Now, I have this handy jewelry cabinet, made by my father, to either mount to a wall or hang over a door.

I fell in love the first time I saw it because it fulfills my need to organize...and it is made by someone I love.  I know this isn't something that just anyone can make.  But, if you have a woodworker in your are some ideas.

There are hooks EVERYWHERE to hang bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  My father placed cubes in the bottom for pins and bracelets that I can't hang.

He lined the door with racks of slitted wood to push my earrings into.  Also, I have four dowels connected to the base with hinges so I can pull them out to look through the necklaces and then push them in flat to close up the cabinet.

I started out with lots of room.  Then, with all of that extra space taunting me, I slowly filled up my over the door jewelry cabinet.  I've already put in an order for another one.  There's a door to every room.  No need to limit myself.


  1. I'm interested to know more about the wood where you put your earrings. Can you describe it to me? I think I need one of these also.

  2. You know...I thought I had put a picture of it on there...and I see now that I overlooked it. So, I will be sure to get one on tomorrow.

  3. Sistersue...I added a closer picture of the earring section toward the father bought them from a place called "Hobby Lobby". I don't have a name for them. He just came across them and thought they might work. They do, but they are thin, so if you hit them, they'll break fairly easily. Let me know if you find another idea.

  4. I love this! Maybe someday Abbey might need one!


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