Friday, December 10, 2010

Dragon Lady

As promised...I'm sharing another of my scrapbook layouts for my China trip.
I put this together on a scrapbooking retreat I attended with Crafty Girl.  It is three straight days of scrapbooking and you keep yourself going with heat packs, chair massages, and pain reliever.  This is another do-it-yourself example.  I remembered a beautiful dragon boat on a lake in China and wanted to create something similar.  Giant dragon boat stickers aren't exactly easy to find.  So, I set out to make my own.  First I drew the outline on gold paper and cut it out, lifting some pieces to add depth.  Then, I created gold gills to put on top of the face and tail, using double-side foam tape to lift the layers.  You can read more about using foam tape in Saturday's post.
I used a little red flower as my fireball, cutting up the petals into fringe and layering a few on top of each other to make it into a little flat ball.

Working off the design of the paper I picked, I used black whispy fabric to add some texture on top of the hanging leaves already on the page...different lengths and blowing in different directions.  Finally, I added a little ink to the edges to give the dragon's skin some dimension.  It looked too pretty with the gold paper.  A little black ink around the edges made it seem more rough and a scrapbooking sort of way.  I also added chain to the floor of the boat, like a metal railing....keeping my dragon lady safe on the shores of China.  Yes, it took quite awhile to make, but my DIY Dragon was so fun to create and I love going back to look at this page.

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