Monday, December 20, 2010

Spreading Our Wings

We're moving out of the nest and flying across the world wide web to visit other blogs.  I know guest blogging is a regular feature on this circuit...but we are just starting to spread our wings here on Crafty Life and Style.  So, it was an honor to be asked to offer up a guest blog for one of our readers.  The author of Creators Creatures and Intentional Conscious Parenting asked me to share one of my early posts, 40 Wonderful Reasons.  I adapted a version called Appreciation Jars for each of her for adults...the other for kiddies.  The creatures blog is already posted and the parenting post should be up today or tomorrow.  The post offers a nifty idea for a very personal, inexpensive, and handmade gift from the heart.  We hope you'll stop by to show your support in celebration of our first guest blog.

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