Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crazy Little Feathered Christmas Tree

Who says Christmas has to be filled with red, white and green? I had way too much fun making this fun little project for the corner that never gets any attention! How does a girl get so many feathers she has enough to make a Christmas tree? Well, I made the most awesome bird costume for Halloween this year and I had a plethora of feathers leftover!
-Large sheet of card stock 
-Large flower
-Glue gun
-Glue sticks

Optional for a base:
-sequence ribbon 

You need to create what looks like a cheerleaders cone and you do that by cutting your card stock with 2 straight sides and a half moon rounded edge on the third. You then meet the straight edges and over lap them- making the straight ends overlap until one end has a very tiny hole and the other is very large. Glue it in place.

With the rest of the card stock you can cut a circle out and sequence around the edge and create a base. Do not adhere the tree to the base until you have feathered your tree.

I started feathering the tree from the top to the bottom. All you do is put a little bit of glue on the feather tip and the adhere it to the tree. Every other row you should layer and not place a feather directly under the next. This will help you cover all of the tree and create volume. Your feathers will likely puff out on their own. If you get a flat one very gently try to bend the stem out.

To top my tree I used a beautiful silk flower. I stuck the stem into the tiny hole in the tree and then hot glued the stem to the inside of the tree. Then you can hot glue the tree to the base. You can tie a beautiful bow just under the flower to add some flare and then add some Christmas lights for the holiday sparkle!


  1. Haha...creative. A sassy girl's kind of tree. I want this on my desk!!

  2. That's fantastic! You might consider sharing it on my linky for decoratons:

    Thanks for sharing here - I haven't seen anyone make their own yet and yours is lovely.

  3. That would be a great decoration in a girl's room!!

  4. So pretty! I would have never thought you make this yourself! : )


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