Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Confession: We're In Love With A Werewolf!

Ok, maybe not in LOVE, LOVE and maybe technically some of us are more in love with the vampire! But, what I can say is we are definitely in love with the Twilight Saga movies- and most recently Eclipse!

Crafty Cat takes great joy in my obsession with the movies and books which are geared toward tweens and me being 40 puts me solidly out of that category- but WHATEVER! In fact, she enjoys making fun of me for all my teenage antics! Frankly, I see nothing wrong with playing loud music, dancing with abandon and ogling over a Hollywood star's rock hard abs- just before he turns into a werewolf- but that's just me!

And while I may have been the most over the top, it appears I'm not alone! I think I found some kindred spirits when my cute as apple pie friend Kellie invited me over to an Eclipse DVD release party!

The menu was very thought out and included Mushroom Ravioli- because that's what Bella (the female lead) ate the first time she went out to eat with Edward the Vampire. Vampire wine, Wolf bites and the most amazing Albino Vampire Cocktails!

I wanted to bring the "Crafty" to the party- so I brought my life sized cutout of the wolf Jacob! When he walked through the door the girls squealed with delight wondering where in the heck I got him! Believe it or not, it was a gift from CRAFTY CAT- delivered to my work in the middle of the night! She teases- but also loves me for my kookiness! He has taken up permanent residence in my Scrap Shack- but came out for this special occasion! 

The girls all got out their cellphones and cameras, took pictures of him solo and with him!

I thought it would be extra special to scrapbook a little card and snap Polaroids for each of them so they could each take a souvenir! It warmed my heart to see they all loved it! 

The movie was as great as it was the first time I saw it in the theaters for Bella's birthday.... ok, a little obsessive, I know!  What made this extra special was the kinship of these women and their crazy fun commitment to doing it all again to prepare for the next movie in the sequel! We know- this is all in fun and happily went home to our husbands and boyfriends having suspended the real world for just a couple hours and enjoyed acting like teenagers again- so don't worry about us... at least not too much!
Next time you throw a party  GO ALL OUT! Think of a way to make it special! Your friends will love the attention to detail and will take away memories of a lifetime--- even if that memory is a shirtless young man who turns into a werewolf!


  1. I wouldn't have you any other way. I'm so happy to see you are still having fun with the life-sized Jacob cut-out. It was worth every dime imagining your face.

  2. Love it! Looks like you had so much fun. The photos with Jacob are awesome. My daughter would LOVE a life sized cut out of him...hhhmmmm...something to think about for Christmas :)

  3. You gals crack me up! I love the Twilight Saga too!

  4. That's so awesome! I bet you girls had a blast. I loved the movie. But how do you pick between a vampire and a werewolf. Hard choice. So funny.
    ~ Carol

  5. love it! So wish I had one of these for my sister...


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