Friday, December 24, 2010

Deck the Lawn

You have to be or know a decent woodworker for this one.  It sure beats the big blowup decorations for the front yard.

You can deck the lawn with Santa and his whole team of his reindeer.  It would take a fair amount of work cutting, sanding, and painting all of these characters.  But, this is an example of the fun results of that handy work.

If you attempt this feat, put one reindeer up front, bending down with his head in the snow to vary the line a little.  Put garland around their necks and add a bow.

Use a cord that can withstand any weather to connect each reindeer back to Santa's sleigh.  This is your most complicated piece.  This is not flat.  It is actually 3-dimensional.  You could even crawl inside if you wanted to try to fill Santa's shoes.  Throw a cute little tree in the back, tie on a bow, add some presents if you want.  When all is done...this is the piece de resistance on your lawn.  Add a sign or two telling Santa to make a stop.  Don't forget the "Reindeer Crossing" warning sign. Add Frosty nearby to wave at the sleigh.  If you have kids or grandkids...they will have a ball walking beside Santa and his team.

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