Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spring Flowers In The Winter

Every once in a while I get a hankering to play with yarn. You will often see it in my scrapbooking projects and probably more rarely in an item you can wear. I'm not an expert at crocheting- in fact I'm pretty much a rookie when it comes to it! But that doesn't stop me from trying! A soft, fuzzy hand-made item can be just the right gift for this time of year. While I'm sure there are some of you who are amazingly gifted and patient and can probably crochet a king sized blanket- I'm just not there yet! I wish I was. I thought it would be fun and manageable to make a cute little baby scarf. This was the result. It's perfect for a cute little 3 year old!

If your pockets are kind of empty this holiday season, why not make someone a gift! I love handmade gifts. I always beg my husband to have the kids make me something- it just feels so special to me. You don't have to be perfect about it- it's the thought that counts. Why not try making something out of your comfort zone?


  1. Crafty Girl- It's sweet! I'm working on some homemade gifts but can't post them yet - can't give it away to those who might get the gift!

    i have a necklace giveaway at APPLESandRUBIES, hope you can come over and enter!


  2. You have been featured at "The Frugal Free Gal!" Thank you for commenting at MckMama Community on The Blog Frog!

    The Frugal Free Gal

  3. This is so cute....I think you're better than at it than you think!

  4. Thanks GGW! You know, it's also realllllly soft and cozy!

    FFG- how cool is that! We appreciate the love!

    Loretta- I'll for sure be visiting!!


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