Friday, December 17, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Valance

Lots of people break out special decorations for the about changing up your curtains too!!

Head to the handy dollar store to buy a bunch of inexpensive Santa hats.  Make sure you get enough to extend all the way across your window.  You can sew all of the hats together and create a hook in the back to feed a curtain rod through.  If easier, you can just attach hooks to each hat to hang individually from the rod.  Cover any imperfections with garland and lights across the top of the rod.  You can finish styling with green or white curtains.  My mother opted to bookmark her valance with two large bows instead.  While my parents have a ton of holiday decorations, mom's latest valance invention has become the centerpiece of the living room.


  1. Cute idea! Your room looks very festive and inviting. I love the bay window. I had a bay window once.My inside flowers loved it,too.

  2. I wish my mom shared more ideas with the blog. She loves to decorate.

  3. What a great idea! So much talent at this blog!
    Watch for your guest blog posts to appear soon.
    Namaste, Carol


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