Monday, December 6, 2010

DIY Embellishments

One thing I've learned about scrapbooking over the years is that any embellishment I make myself is better than the crazy expensive stickers you buy in the store.  I've also learned I really can make more than I think...even a rickshaw.  Final lesson:  Use real scraps.

I had gathered lots of items during my trip to China...even the rippled cardboard that the hotel used to store our toiletries in the bathroom.  I took every piece, knowing the texture would work well in a layout.  In this spread, I decided to cut up that cardboard to make the road for my Rickshaw ride.  There is nothing like using actual scraps  for your scrapbook, right?  Now, when I show people this page I say...that's what the hotel used to package my toothbrush!!  I just cut it up and made a winding path.

I really wanted a big rickshaw on one full side of the layout.  There is no such embellishment for sale in the craft store.  I was on my own and that was kind of exciting.  I used pictures of the actual rickshaws to guide me, so mine would match the pictures.  At first, I had made everything with paper...but it didn't pop.  Instead, I put real fabric on the roof...just like the real rickshaw.  Much better.  Then, I added the runner's handles...using chopsticks from my trip that I chopped down to the right size. The first thing people say is..."Oh wow...those are chopsticks...very cool.  Are those from China?"  Yup.  I found bamboo circles for my wheel and made the spokes out of chopstick pieces.  The whole embellishment really jumps off the page...and it is handmade.  I love my China album.  I'll show you another page Friday.


  1. You know, I absolutely love this page!

  2. CC, if you're like me, you order up all those types of expensive programs to make all kinds of cutsy displays and designs, then never learn exactly how to use them.I'm like you. I think I can come up with something just as good, if not better at times, than the purchased ones.

  3. Sawn...I seriously have an entire store in my apartment. I've spent so much money on scrapbooking supplies...and I don't use 90% of it. Last year I spent $200 on this card making kit that I have never opened. Why? Good question.

  4. I agree TOTALLY! Homemade embellishments are so much better. They are cheaper, more personal and ultimately, more interesting for sure.


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