Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Recycled Gift Box

Recycle, reuse and re-purpose your old boxes! You can make one of a kind gift boxes with a little Mod Podge, wrapping paper and some old boxes! I've been itching to do this project since my friend Deb told me about it and what better time than the one I have to give a special gift! Crafty Cat is coming over tomorrow to exchange gifts and I wanted to figure out a special way to display her gifts. For me- presentation is everything and It's a present for me when I get that "WOW" look from someone!

Supplies Needed:-wrapping paper
-old boxes
-Mod Podge

Directions: First off- I have to admit I was giddy when I realized that the wrapping paper I purchased for $5 for 4 rolls had cutting lines on the back. It made my measuring job much easier! I cut uniform squares about an inch to an inch and a half if I measure it, but it meant two blocks squared on my paper. I cut a bunch of each paper pattern.

Then apply a nice layer of Mod Podge on your box and begin placing your squares down one by one. Be sure to allow a small amount of your paper to come over the top and bottom of the box. I applied all my squares and then went back and applied a small layer of Mod Podge over the edges and then tacked down the paper. I found it was a tad easier to work with when most of the paper was secured to the box. You can paper your whole box inside and out and it is such a spectacular touch to a gift! I decided to put some festive paper in mine and then wrapped my presents and placed them inside.

This could be a fun project to do for birthdays and other holidays. You can use glitter, ribbon, buttons, stickers and many different types of embellishments. The options are endless! It's a very green project and one that your recipient can use over again as well!


  1. Oh GEEZ. My presents for you are just wrapped normally. You just had to go and do a special gift box didn't you!

  2. Honestly, I really really really love my presents. Just and funny too. Love them. Psst: I got one of the star lenses from Shutterbug Sunday. Go back and look!!

  3. We all love our gifts too!! What a fun holiday exchange! Glad you like your presents!!

  4. Love that photo. Very Clever to use the Star Filter with Christmas Tree Bokeh!

  5. A girl after my own heart. Go to my blog and type in boxes in the search area and you will see how I love reworking boxes for every purpose in every way.

  6. Thanks Tammy!

    Swan I'll go check it out right now~!!


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