Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shutterbug Sunday: Giveaway Winner

We're seeing stars with this fun photo uploaded by our latest giveaway winner, Bridget of aviary [images], who worked for her reward.  We generally make it pretty darn easy to win here on Crafty Life and Style, but our friendly shutterbug, Tammy Lee Bradley, issued a challenge last month, asking readers to test out Bokeh shapes.  Tammy explained how you can make the background of your pictures pop with shapes by adapting your lens.  In fact, she gave us two blogs about bokeh.  Check out the posts to find out how you can achieve this beautiful and fun effect here and here.

Our congratulations to Bridget (a fellow blogger) and thank you to Tammy Lee, who offered up these beautiful custom greeting cards as a prize.  You can find more of Tammy's photos and other items for sale here:

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