Saturday, December 18, 2010

Paper Snow Flakes And Bow

Making snow flakes can be such a fun little project. You don't have to be an expert cutter. There really are few rules and just like the real snowflakes- no single paper snow flake is alike! All you need is some paper, scissors and if you want to jazz them up--- some glue and glitter!

I used my paper cutter to make squares that were all equal in size- but I admit, in the end it really didn't matter! Then take your paper and fold it in half and then in half again- you can also fold your paper in odd folds.

You know, like corners and fat chunks in the middle. Once you get into your second or third fold- you can then take your scissors and start cutting small holes in a variety of shapes (triangle, oval- whatever you can manipulate your scissors to do). Then fold again in a different way- and cut again. Really, your only rule is to make sure you don't completely cut off a fold- that will cause your snowflake to have a large hole or even be cut into separate pieces!

I had fun with Elmer's glue and fine glitter. Well, the glitter got the best of me and I'm sure I'm sparkling like a vampire in the Twilight movie! LOL Still, the glitter really brought the character out in them!

Then, because I already made this display with my son's snow flakes, I decided to make a cute little bow to hang them on! All I did was loop the bow several times and fanned them out. I then tacked them together and added a cute little glass button in the middle! Soooo simple.

Adhere your snowflakes with double sided redline tape and then find a place to hang it.

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