Friday, December 3, 2010

Place Cards

If you need seating arrangements at a party, handmade placecards are a simple way to class up the place and add your personal touch.  Layering takes a little more work, but it makes the final product look polished and professional.  The first thing you need to do is come up with a guest list.

Here's what you will need for supplies:

1-Choose three different patterns of paper. 
A-Make sure you choose a light color to print the names on.
B-Pick a medium or dark color to compliment and border the first page.
C-Finally, find a pattern that matches your two other choices...this is your base and can be more decorative.
2-Choose a decorative hole punch.
3-Paper trimmer

Print your guests' names on paper "A".  I spaced them far enough apart to print several names on one sheet of paper.  Cut all of the cards out the same size.  Leave extra space at the top, so you can use a decorative hole puncher along the upper edge.  I bought the puncher that created this heart effect in Michael's.  They are very easy to find and use.  You simply place the puncher along the edge and press down.  Voila!!  Make sure you use one of their weekly 40% off one-item coupons.  The puncher is really the most expensive part of this project.

Next, you'll want to border paper "A" with paper "B".  I chose a cream color on top (A) and a shiny black to contrast (B).  Measure your darker paper slightly larger than the name card, so it shows a medium border around the perimeter, but also you want your hole puncher design to show up well.  Cut all of those darker pieces the same size they should all fit together well with the cream cards in front.  Glue or tape your name card onto the background paper.  You can repeat the process with a third decorative layer in the back.  I chose to only use the third background for the bride and groom, so their place card would be more special than the rest.  I did make a few larger cards for particularly long names.  I also used my leftover supplies to make a few small blanks to write in last-minute rsvp's, which were literally needed the day of the wedding.  Then, I bundled up the cards in a cute little package to present to the exciting and special handmade addition to an exciting and special day.


  1. Mrs. Butter LOVED these!! One of her favorite parts of her wedding!!

  2. These are so nice! I wish I had a reason to make them.


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