Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow Flakes Are Falling Somewhere

 A fun and traditional children's project is the snowflake! But, where do they go once they've been created? Many times we have put our snow flakes on our sliding glass door. This year I decided we would decorate that corner in the dining room that never gets any love!

My son spent at least a couple hours meticulously cutting out his little snowflakes then we glued on the glitter (which got everywhere, but isn't that the point if it?). Then we let them dry. I received a ton of Christmas bows as a gift recently, so I decided to put them to good use making the rows and rows for the flakes to be displayed! Then it took me a good hour or two (remember, I'm a mom of 3 kids!LOL) to create all the pink bows. We stapled the snow flakes to the ribbon (no need to worry, the silver from the staple won't stand out) and then stood back and admired our creation!

My son declared three things. He didn't like the pink (he's all boy!), but he actually thought the pink theme worked very well with the gold (he's also a great artist) and it looked like a wedding display (a fun wedding he would want to go to and eat lots of cake)! LOL- Regardless, we had such fun making this display and we really do admire it while we're eating dinner. It makes me giggle- because it kinda does look like a wedding display and I really like that! Wanna know about that crazy fun looking feathered Christmas tree? Tune in Sunday- I'll tell you how that came about!


  1. I know this sounds silly, coming from a "crafty" person...but I never learned how to fold and cut the paper for snowflakes. Could you do a demo? Cause I love snowflakes!

  2. That's not silly at all!! I will do a demo most definitely! Stay tuned! Thank you so much for commenting and checking out the fun we are having!

  3. I use similar ribbon for garland on my tree. You could put snow flakes on it and put it on the tree. Fun!

  4. Ohhh!! CarliAlice I love that idea!!!!


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