Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In Search of.... ORGANIZATION

My quest for world (my world, that is) organization rears its head in the weirdest way! Am I alone in this? I think that every crafter I know out there would love to have total organization of their supplies and be able to find any item, at will.

Today, surprisingly, my sights weren't set on my Scrap Shack. They were set on organizing some of my pretty things... my HUGE collection of jewelry. To the left you see how it has mainly been stored. The bags and bins (including the 2 drawer white bin) are scattered all around and filled to the brim. Why the jewelry? Why now? I have no clue. I'm on vacation from work and don't have to wear any of it for a week, but somehow I had the need to get it all organized!

I don't think there's a beautiful hanging jewelry cabinet big enough for my stash, which by the way 95% of it was gifted to me by a loving relative. I actually dream about a wonderful over sized walk-in closet complete with jewelry section.

Until then, I have to come up with a creative way to store all of my items.
My loving relative already started the mission when she gifted me the items neatly packed in snack sized Ziploc bags. I love the idea of storing the necklace, earrings, bracelets and pins all in one location. My problem is, I have a hard time putting the items back into their little bags at the end of a work day! So, today was all about re-bagging and finding partners. Once that project was done- then it was on to color coding! I told you- I was kinda off my rocker today! LOL- Soooo, I decided to put like colors together and then all items in a large rolling bin that can be neatly rolled under some furniture! I have many beautiful pins (both floral and jewelry) so I put them in one location and then there are the earrings that don't have a necklace partner. I put those all together in a bin but my next project is to design a neater storage system for those because I can see already that looking for a match can be a nightmare.

I feel so satisfied that my costume jewelry now has organization and harmony! I also look forward to creating a crafty earring solution in the near future! I make the resolution to be more organized a couple times a year and it is, once again, on my list for 2011. I'm actually kind of giddy with the thought that I took the step to be more organized before we flipped the calendar page into the new year.   


  1. LOL I know sistersue- it's an amazing collection of stuff- too much, but I actually do wear it!

  2. Hey, as long as you really use it, keep it. I am not a jewelry person but I do admit to a decent fabric stash. We are moving in a few weeks and I just gave away half of it though! Eeeck. I hope to give away about half of our stuff. We are downsizing, big time! :) Less is MORE!

  3. Love the giddy feeling of a good organizational system!!

  4. GoodsonFL- oh my! I wish I lived closer- I would totally give your fabric a good home-- I'm starting to have an obsession with that too!

    GGW- organization is king!LOL

  5. Wow! What a great idea. I like the color coding, it would be easier to find a specific color for the outfit you are wearing. You are not even kidding when you say your HUGE collection of jewerly. Thanks for linking your tip. While my collection does not even come close to the size of yours the organizational idea is awesome and very helpful!

  6. Nice organizing! You have quite a collection!

    check out my post


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